Monday, 23 September 2013

Classic Editorials: Karlie Kloss by Mariano Vivanco for MUSE Magazine #33

If I were to look at all of the fashion editorials from the last 5 years this would be by far one of my favourites and the reason why is because it sits right on the border between fashion and art. Reminiscent of the industrial landscapes and raw beauty seen in photographs by modernists Edward Weston, Paul Strand and Max Dupain, this editorial matches its subject, aesthetics and style perfectly.

The intensity and bold lines made by Karlie Kloss are strong, elegant, simple and convey a multifacted, independent and yet vulnerable modern woman. And in a day and age where its "colour everything", who knew black and white could look so right? Light and shade, stark contrasts, asymmetry juxtaposed with straight lines - this is a memorable and rare editorial that will not date. Equal praise to Karlie, Mariano, stylist Beth Fenton and other heroes behind the scenes.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Chanel Resort 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Marethe Hopland

Mirte Maas


Sara Blomqvist

Karlie Kloss

Oriol Elcacho

Kinga Rajzak


Svea Kloosterhof

Sara Blomqvist

Whilst Chanel reveals its Resort collection for 2014  in Singapore, here are my picks from Resort 2012. The difference between the two collections and even designs by Lagerfeld as a whole has changed from elegant and classic with a twist to rocky, loose-fitting and more masculine - something am an not a fan of. I look forward to the day when Karl returns to what he does best - modern, innovative, neat, elegance with a twist.

Classic Editorials: Vogue Australia December 2012 - See you at Sundown - Elizabeth Debicki

Elizabeth Debicki for Vogue Australia, December 2012

Elizabeth Debicki is an Australian actor, trained at the Victorian College of the Arts and now starring in Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby'. Getting in to the VCA straight out of high school, Debicki was an impressive actor from the beginning. Whilst doing an acting course with her at the VCA prior to auditions, I could tell she had an extra quality above many others and so did the course teacher. Unsurprisingly she got in and the rest is history. Who knows what is next, but one thing is for certain, her talent and special qualities aren't lost on those who matter in the film, theatre and fashion industry. There are big things to come. Congratulations Elizabeth.