Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Model Muse - Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey's new hair colour. Note: the unique sunglasses she wears are by Australian brand Ksubi, formerly known as Tsubi.

Eclectic street style. How does she pull this off?

Vogue Australia, May 2009

Vogue Australia, May 2009

Guilty Brotherhood, S/S10 by Greg Kadel

'Lunaire' in Numéro by Liz Collins

Numéro #110 by Greg Kadel

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Chanel Fall 2011 RTW

Abbey Lee Kershaw backstage at Fall 2011 RTW

Abbey Lee Kershaw would have to be the best (super)model offering from Australia since the ethereal Gemma Ward. She appears to have no inhibitions and has a look that is so malleable, she can be anything. This is obviously why she has been in such high demand for editorials, advertising campaigns (Mulberry, Chanel...), and of course, runway shows. She is a favourite of Karl Lagerfeld, is regularly photographed by Greg Kadel and Terry Richardson and appears to have much more to achieve in fashion. It is refreshing to see such a unique look, a strong catwalk model, and a capturing photographic presence. This is rare among models and I would suggest that she could definitely make it as one of the most important models of this decade and the next. As with Eniko, much of Abbey Lee's photographic work involves nudity, hence I have refrained from posting such photographs, but if you would like to get the whole picture of her work, you can find it at Fashion Gone Rogue. Some of it is tasteful and others I would question the fashion value of. Many thanks to FGR for the use of their editorial pictures.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Model Muse - Enikő Mihalik

Eniko Mihalik. Need I say anymore? I was astounded to find that nearly every fashion editorial or photographic work she has ever taken part in is aesthetically just beautiful. Every model in the Model Muse segment is chosen due to their particular aura that shines through in all of the work they do. This is a rare quality for any model to have. I'll let you be the judge. But please note: there were some photographs which were particularly good examples of Mihalik's work that I deemed to be inappropriate for this blog due to the level of nudity. These photographs are certainly of great relevance but I think it should be up to the individual as to whether they would like to see them or not.

Photos courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue - see Eniko Mihalik for a range of her latest fashion work.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Karmen Pedaru

Alina K

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Frida Gustavsson


Ginta Lapina

Ginta Lapina

Karmen Pedaru

Lauren Brown

Megan McNierney

Natasha Poly

Sasha Pivovarova

Svea Kloosterhof

And just when I thought Chanel could not get any more impressive... they do. This Pre-Fall collection is as inspired as any other Fall collection and I'm astounded by the ingenuity of the theme. There seems to be a mix of medieval and byzantine stylings. One of the most beautiful features is the suede-looking leggings/boots. The colour combinations are traditional and rich-looking, but the modern tailoring makes this collection a brilliantly innovative and signature Chanel collection. The first outfit pictured (modelled by Karmen Pedaru) is a great example of combining the elegance of Chanel whilst making it appear casual - the embellished sandals are a perfect addition. As you can see Karl Lagerfeld is all about the details and he does not disappoint. I have a feeling this will be an extremely popular collection. I hope that it receives enough coverage by the fashion media and bloggers. 

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Model Muse - Daul Kim - RIP 19.11.09

Prada leather coat; Meadham Kirchoff boots (worn throughout)

Preen shirt and pants.

Dries Van Noten coat; Scanlan & Theodore top; Karla Spetic knit briefs.

Triamm.Lucy.Emma handmade lace bra and briefs.

 Preen shirt and pants.

Louis Vuitton skirt; Josh Goot tank

Christopher Kane for Johnstons Cashmere cardigan and skirt.

Top from The Vintage Clothing Shop; Richard Nicoll skirt from Land's End.

Yesterday, Friday 19th November, marked the one year anniversary of South Korean model, Daul Kim's death. I thought it would be fitting for me to commemorate her life and work by choosing Daul to be the first model featured in my 'Model Muse' posts. When I first saw this editorial in RUSSH Magazine (Nov-Dec '09 Australia) I was taken in by Daul's honesty and aura, I was inspired by her work and also the creative styling by Stevie Dance and photography by Beau Grealy. Note that Daul wears the famous Meadham Kirchoff blue boots (which weren't available to buy because they were too expensive to make!). There are more photos in this editorial which are equally as worthy of publishing but I only have the hardcopy of the magazine and no scanner, so I'll upload some rough photos of the others shots later.
Let us remember the work of this talented and kind-hearted person, Daul Kim. May she rest in peace.

Additional photos taken of the hardcopy magazine (using my camera):

Triann.Lucy.Emma handmade lace bra and briefs.

Arnsdorf shirt; Marni pants.

Louis Vuitton skirt; Josh Goot tank.

Louis Vuitton jacket.

Christopher Kane cashmere cardigan and dress.

Christopher Kane cashmere cardigan and dress.

Prada knitted briefs; blouse from The Vintage Clothing Shop.

Preen shirt and pants.
NOTE: This photograph was digitally altered to make it darker and more contrasted, as my original photo didn't do the picture justice.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

'Dissimilation', Culture Magazine, 2010, Vol. 12, 5

TV twist dress
Gorman scarf
Stylists own shoulder piece

Leonard St funnel coat
Sosume cut-out top
Etro silk pants @ Christine
Polly Van Der Glass blonde silver necklace @ Alice Euphemia
Flaming Merchant woven bangles

Tina Kaliva dress
Ric Owens black top
2 by Lyn and Tony crochet kangaroo neckpiece
Lion in Love jacket

Friend of Mine shirt bodysuit
Arabella Ramsay spot skirt
Lion in Love bum bag
Worthis duffle backpack @ Alice Euphemia
Leonard St parka worn in backpack
American Apparel leggings
Flamingo Merchant hairpieces
Stylists own shoes

Gornan knit jumper
American Apparel mesh shirt and socks
Shag vintage belt
Flamingo Merchant beaded tassel and scarf worn in belt
Shakuhachi animal vest
Leonard St leggings
Down Yonder turqoise ring
Stylists own shoes

Arabella Ramsay woven hat
Tina Kalivas jacket
Bowie studded dress
Shag jewelled choker
Flamingo Merchant pompom necklace
American Apparel leggings

Photography Jaclyn Adams @ Viviens Creative // Hair Joey Scandizzo @ Rokk Ebony // Make-up Julie Provis @ Viviens Creative // Styling Lauren Dietze // Model Jane Smith @ Viviens

I was very inspired when I saw this editorial in Culture Magazine. I immediately bought it and marvelled at the combination of colours, prints, textures and styles. This is creativity and the creation of a unique look at its best. I must say I'm also impressed by the model who has a very strong presence and seems to strike the most appropriate poses for the "mood" of the clothing. I highly recommend this magazine to anyone interested in creative styling, especially hair. It does appear that the main focus of the magazine is hair, and let me tell you, having looked for a decent magazine dealing solely with the cuts, colours and styles of the moment, this is the only one I found with class and innovation. 

Note: The pictures above are taken from Culture Magazine's website - the photos that feature in the actual magazine are of the same outfits but in some photos, are taken from different angles and distances.