Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Chanel Spring Couture 2011

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey Lee Kershaw detail

Anna Selezneva

Asa Engstrom

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Caroline Brasch Nielsen detail

Freja Beha Erichsen

Freja Beha Erichsen

Hair detail


Karmen Pedaru

Karmen Pedaru detail

Kasia Strauss

Lisanne De Jong

Juliya Steponaviciute beauty detail

Magdalena Frackowiak beauty detail

Sigrid Agren

Sigrid Agren detail

Silver sequin pant detail

Siri Tollerød

Svea Kloosterhof

Svea Kloosterhof detail

Want to know what the next big thing in fashion will be? Look directly above this sentence and there's your answer. One needn't be Anna Wintour to realise that these buttoned pants are going to be a big commercial success. They are cute, classic and the ballet flats create an overall girlish ballet-look. It is somewhat surprising that Karl Lagerfeld has incorporated so many pants into his collection, but then again, his pre-fall 2011 collection signalled a definite trend towards layering dresses over pants. Another variation of these pants are the sheer and embroidered pants/leggings, absolutely gorgeous.  The only problem is that they definitely will not suit every body type, they will ideally suit the tall and fairly slim or the petite. I was a little disturbed however, at how thin some of the models are, especially as even the stretch jeans are baggy on them. Chanel could go a long way by promoting a healthier body image, because let's all admit, there are not many people in this world with thighs the same width as their calves or ankles. Overall, I loved this collection, as you can probably tell with how many looks I have chosen, it was nearly impossible to exclude pieces. I would highly recommend that you look at the entire collection here at

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