Sunday, 19 December 2010

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Karmen Pedaru

Alina K

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Frida Gustavsson


Ginta Lapina

Ginta Lapina

Karmen Pedaru

Lauren Brown

Megan McNierney

Natasha Poly

Sasha Pivovarova

Svea Kloosterhof

And just when I thought Chanel could not get any more impressive... they do. This Pre-Fall collection is as inspired as any other Fall collection and I'm astounded by the ingenuity of the theme. There seems to be a mix of medieval and byzantine stylings. One of the most beautiful features is the suede-looking leggings/boots. The colour combinations are traditional and rich-looking, but the modern tailoring makes this collection a brilliantly innovative and signature Chanel collection. The first outfit pictured (modelled by Karmen Pedaru) is a great example of combining the elegance of Chanel whilst making it appear casual - the embellished sandals are a perfect addition. As you can see Karl Lagerfeld is all about the details and he does not disappoint. I have a feeling this will be an extremely popular collection. I hope that it receives enough coverage by the fashion media and bloggers. 

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