Thursday, 18 November 2010

'Dissimilation', Culture Magazine, 2010, Vol. 12, 5

TV twist dress
Gorman scarf
Stylists own shoulder piece

Leonard St funnel coat
Sosume cut-out top
Etro silk pants @ Christine
Polly Van Der Glass blonde silver necklace @ Alice Euphemia
Flaming Merchant woven bangles

Tina Kaliva dress
Ric Owens black top
2 by Lyn and Tony crochet kangaroo neckpiece
Lion in Love jacket

Friend of Mine shirt bodysuit
Arabella Ramsay spot skirt
Lion in Love bum bag
Worthis duffle backpack @ Alice Euphemia
Leonard St parka worn in backpack
American Apparel leggings
Flamingo Merchant hairpieces
Stylists own shoes

Gornan knit jumper
American Apparel mesh shirt and socks
Shag vintage belt
Flamingo Merchant beaded tassel and scarf worn in belt
Shakuhachi animal vest
Leonard St leggings
Down Yonder turqoise ring
Stylists own shoes

Arabella Ramsay woven hat
Tina Kalivas jacket
Bowie studded dress
Shag jewelled choker
Flamingo Merchant pompom necklace
American Apparel leggings

Photography Jaclyn Adams @ Viviens Creative // Hair Joey Scandizzo @ Rokk Ebony // Make-up Julie Provis @ Viviens Creative // Styling Lauren Dietze // Model Jane Smith @ Viviens

I was very inspired when I saw this editorial in Culture Magazine. I immediately bought it and marvelled at the combination of colours, prints, textures and styles. This is creativity and the creation of a unique look at its best. I must say I'm also impressed by the model who has a very strong presence and seems to strike the most appropriate poses for the "mood" of the clothing. I highly recommend this magazine to anyone interested in creative styling, especially hair. It does appear that the main focus of the magazine is hair, and let me tell you, having looked for a decent magazine dealing solely with the cuts, colours and styles of the moment, this is the only one I found with class and innovation. 

Note: The pictures above are taken from Culture Magazine's website - the photos that feature in the actual magazine are of the same outfits but in some photos, are taken from different angles and distances.

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