Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2011 RTW

Zuzanna Bijoch

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Colinne Michaelis

Constance Jablonski

Karlie Kloss

Lindsay Lullman

This collection by Sonia Rykiel has received fairly neutral to negative reviews and I've got to say, I pretty much share the same sentiments. Aside from the great pieces I have selected above, which admittedly were hard to find, the rest of the collection just didn't fit together. The tartans were unflattering, the colour combinations (lemon and military brown, pink and red...) just didn't work together at all. It is possible to mix such colours, as Dries Van Noten shows in so many of his delightful collections, but here Rykiel was just off the mark. Also the cut of and embellishments on the tight pants (as seen on the left in the above picture) were far from flattering to the figure and that is astonishing seeing as these are abnormally thin women. Rather, if you compare these pants to those by Celine this pre-fall and this fall you will see the difference - the stripe that comes down the front of the leg is very sophisticated-looking and even the plain pants (although made with a different fabric) just look much more elegant, tailored and well-fitting. On a positive note, the pieces above are fairly well-constructed and co-ordinated but they are certainly a far cry from Rykiel's best work. I hope that next Spring (with the lesser limitations on weather and style) she will shine.

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