Sunday, 27 February 2011

Aquascutum Fall 2011 RTW

Emilia Skuza

Flo Gennaro

Simone Doreleijers

This Aquascutum collection for Fall 2011 is a far cry from Fall 2010. Last fall marked a dedication to luxurious fabrics and designs, almost as comfortable looking as staying in bed all day. This fall there was less to get excited about, but what was good was the mix of straight, angular lines with clothing: long shorts, blazers, parkas, that could easily be for a man or woman. They were androgynous and tended to signify masculine or feminine depending on the sex of the wearer. Of course, not many males I think would wear this collection, but I love the blending of styles and cuts. Male or female stereotypical clothing should not be so influential.

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