Thursday, 24 February 2011

Matthew Williamson Fall 2011 RTW

Juju Ivanyuk

Alana Zimmer

Martha Streck

As you can see I've been very selective in the items I have chosen to highlight as pieces I admire from this collection. The last two pieces I chose due to the colours used in combination to create a very eclectic looking outfit. It is an unlikely success in pairing bright red, with a bright pink and beige. I think this sort of creativity should be commended. I have really chosen to review this collection in order to highlight the possible successes of being a little daring, unconventional and interesting in colour choices. The first piece, instead of being outstanding for tonal combinations is a particularly luxe and beautiful example of the combination of horizontal and diagonal patterns for winter, although this has been done before, I thought this piece was particularly good.

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