Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bottega Veneta Spring 2011 RTW

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Britt Maren

Daria Strokous


Kasia Strauss

Linnea Regnander

Patricia van der Vliet

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Tomas Maier's designs for Bottega Veneta centred around a neutral palette of tones, ranging from white, cream and tan to grey, brown and black. There was both structure and fluidity in this collection, seemingly opposing concepts, but they were brought together in beautiful harmony. The models' hair, which appeared as if they had just been swimming in the ocean, was important to the texture and overall look of the collection. This is because many of the materials (including satin) and the way they were draped, had a sheen and 'wet' look about them, clinging to the body as a swimsuit would do. This is especially obvious in the metallic brown dress that Daria Strokous is wearing above. Overall, this collection was inspiring in it's clear concept, relaxed feeling and stylishly confident air. I look forward to Maier's next offering.

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  1. トリーバーチ フラットのシンプルなデザインは普段使いからパーティーシーンまで様々な処まで使える、そして周りの人と被る心配はない。個性を出したい人にオススメ、街中の視線を集めたいか、女性としての魅力をさらに倍増したいか?トリーバーチはお出かけや旅行の時にピッタリ、清純感満点、履き心地よさも申し分なし、長時間歩いても全然疲れない。