Friday, 14 January 2011

The Row Pre-Fall 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's designs for their brand The Row had yet to impress me, until now. Previously, there was little to distinguish their look from others and no clear signature style and cut to make it look like a "designer house". With this pre-fall collection my opinion has changed and I hope they continue along this path they have gone down. It is effortlessly chic and laid-back, beautiful tailoring with every piece and the materials are much improved (and worth the money too). I can hardly pick one out from the photos above as they are all equally as admirable in their own way. But what did strike me as being original-looking was the first piece - the triangular cut down the front of the dress and the lace - although common in fashion - both combined to make a very complete "The Row-style" look. Congratulations to the Olsen's for this breakthrough. I am looking forward to seeing what they present at their Fall RTW 2011 collection. 

Special mention to the model above who was perfectly cast for this collection, I am yet to discover her name, and when I do I will add it to the post. If you know who she is please make a comment. 

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